The GeoCube is available in several versions.  All GeoCubes are now CE marked for EEA applications.

EGSHPA can help you design the GeoCube that is right for you.  To generate a customized quotation for the GeoCube TC/TRT test unit, please complete the option preferences below: 

(Note:  Quotation will be provided in U.S.D with Euro estimated conversion at: 0.86 USD per Euro)

Base Capacity* (select one):
* Units are sized to deliver 15-25 watt/ft up to stated depth. Select for your deepest application.

Piping Connection** (select one):
** C-Kit includes adapters for 3/4in, 1in and 1-1/4in pipe with quick coupling connectors for easy use
Regional Operating Voltage and Frequency (select one):

The combinations below are for International customers and selected based on local power standards.
Note:  240VAC 60Hz typical for North America; International standards vary. 
Important!:  Check your power source for correct voltage and frequency.  Incorrect selection will damage unit!

Removable Extension Cord - available for 400 ft & 500 ft models only  (select one):
Note:  Standard unit includes "pigtail" cord that must be connected to your power source, either direct or with appropriate connector ends.  Removable cord is desirable for storage and creation of multiple connectors for different generators.
Chassis Finish (select one):
Data Logger + Temperature Sensor Configuration (select one):   Note: GSM option available for Global and EU locations

Note: Redundant sensors are desirable for "fail-safe" data collection during a test.  Main sensor data normally used.  Redundant sensors provide an extra set of temperature data which is invaluable in the event of main sensor malfunction (which will protect you from having to redo the test)
Conductivity Test Tool Kit**** (select one):
**** Includes cable lock, 2 piece screwdriver set, allen wrench set, open end adjustable wrench, pipe wrench, pipe cutter, box knife, channel lock, nut drivers, , torch head, funnel, gloves, hose clamps and toolbox.
H-Valve***** (select one):
***** The H-Valve assembly facilitates purging of the unit.
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