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The GeoCube currently has several distributors in North American and Europe for you to choose from.

Regardless of source, all GeoCube units are supported by the manufacturer, Precision Geothermal.  You can purchase with confidence from any of our authorized distributor partners.

As the demand for commercial conductivity testing services increases, additional supply chain outlets for international and domestic distribution  will be considered.  If your company specializes in Geothermal products then you may benefit from working with the GeoCube as a distributor.  Contact Precision Geothermal for details.



Locations:  Authorized Distributors


Delta Geothermal
15850 Whiskey Cove Rd.
Lake Country, BC V4V 1C4 Canada
Phone: (250) 766-1445
Fax:  (604) 648-9452
Request Quotation: Here

GEOptimize Inc
1503 - 220 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB, Canada, R3C 0A5
Phone: (204) 318-2156
Request Quotation: Here


European Ground Source Heat Pump Association 
Argyle House
1 Dee Road
Richmond, Surrey  Tw9 2jn
Request Quotation:  Here


ReBearth Products Inc.
123 E. Center Street
P.O. Box 139
Truro, IA 50257  U.S.A.

Toll Free: (800) 523-4234
Phone: (641) 765-4781
Fax: (641) 765-4215

Precision Geothermal, LLC
5115 Industrial St
Maple Plain, MN  55359 U.S.A.

Phone: (763) 479-3638
Fax: (763) 479-2183
Request Quotation:  Here