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Digital Panel Meter (Convenience)

Operators of the GeoCube have always had access to real-time data by use of the data shuttle to directly acquire sensor data directly from the data logger.  While this method is the only way to exactly monitor the data logs, the new convenience panel meter allows quick access to field personnel to visually see the conditions of the generator and heater operation as well as the elapsed test time.

New units are shipped with the new CE labeled GeoCube's panel and include the backlit digital multimeter for increased convenience in monitoring TC tests. 

The meter is not directly connected to the logging system and is intended to monitor a test that has been properly launched.  The user can directly read the voltage from the generator; the current being drawn by the heaters; the total power consumption in Watts; the total energy in kWh; and the accumulated time of operation HH:MM, which can be configured for each test or total GeoCube operating time. 

The meter operates completely independent of the logger and retains the kWh and elapsed time in non-volitile memory after the testing is completed and the power is removed.  The meter is backlit for nighttime usage and highly accurate for varying generator conditions.

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  • 1% Accuracy

  • Voltage Range:  80.00~264.00 VAC  @ 45~64Hz

  • Current Range:  0.00 to 100.00A

  • Timed Energy:  0~9,999.99 kWh

  • Power Range:  0.0~22,000 W

  • Accumulated time: 0:00~9999:59  Hours:Minutes

  • Accumulated time and energy are user resettable