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We've taken the complexity out of ordering the right model.  GeoCubes are available for various depths, connections and preferred methods of acquiring the test data.   GeoCube F.A.Q.

On-Line Configurator

Visit our on-line quote configurator to generate a customized quote that is returned via email.  The quote contains information that may be used to place orders for the equipment of your choice. 

For further information, we welcome your inquiry and you may contact us via phone, fax, e-mail or use our web contact form.


Ordering Info:

Ready to order?  We ship everywhere!  We accept direct orders or you may choose one of our distributors for more localized options.  GeoCube Distributors

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Precision Geothermal, LLC
5115 Industrial St
Maple Plain, MN 55359 USA
Phone: (763) 479-3638
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Order By FAX

Download a printed configuration form to order by FAX or Mail.  We will follow up with you upon receipt of your FAX or mail form.  If you have email, we would recommend using the "Instant Quote Form".

Order Here:  GeoCube Parts, Accessories, Services

For your convenience, Precision Geothermal can provide certain parts and accessories for field repair of GeoCubes.  New GeoCubes should be ordered directly from Precision Geothermal in order to accomodate the wide variety of configurations and shipping/handling methods for product that is in excess of 100 lbs.  Rentals are based on limited availability of demonstration units.  Inquire regarding purchase of demonstration units.  (limited availability)
New:  Description: Price:  
Purchase a GeoCube      
GeoCubes are produced to order.  Please use the Quote button to generate a custom configuration.  Orders may be placed from the quotation information. Varies
Reconditioned Demo/Rental Units occasionally available for sale. Discounted Current availability: 0
Note:  We ship anywhere!  Units are shipped FOB Maple Plain, MN, USA    
Rental:  Description: Price:  
(Limited Availability)
GeoCube for tests of 500' or less.  Datalogger and Software included
    Note:  Shipping handled as separate transaction
$2,550 (U.S.D.) Call
GeoCube for tests greater than 500'.  Datalogger and Software included
    Note:  Shipping handled as separate transaction
$2,950 (U.S.D.) Call
Note:  Credit/discount available for customers that rent a GeoCube, towards the purchase
            of a future new unit.
Service: Service Description: Price:  
Data Log Analysis and Report Generation
- Standalone service for field run tests*
$750 (U.S.D.)
Data Log Analysis and Report Generation
- w/ Rental of GeoCube Test Unit*
$500 (U.S.D.)
Data File Repair / Generate CSV from HoboWare Project
- service for GeoCube Customers*
$250 (U.S.D.)
Part Category: Product Description: P/N Weight: Price:  
60 Hz North American pump assembly 2699FC-60 45 lbs. $555 (U.S.D.)
50 Hz International pump assembly 2680-50 45 lbs. $665 (U.S.D.)
10A Panel Switch / Circuit Breaker RSWITCH10AMP 2 lbs. $216 (U.S.D.)
20A Panel Switch / Circuit Breaker RSWITCH20AMP 2 lbs. $224(U.S.D.)
Stainless standpipe filter assembly - for all GeoCubes with 4" standpipes.  145 micron nominal filtration.  For replacement or retrofit of GeoCubes prior to November 2011 FILT1 2 lbs. $300 (U.S.D.)
Heating Elements:
1500w replacement heating element HE1500 2 lbs. $40 (U.S.D.)
2000w replacement heating element HE2000 2 lbs. $40 (U.S.D.)
2500w replacement heating element HE2500 2 lbs. $40 (U.S.D.)
3000w replacement Heating element HE3000 2 lbs. $40 (U.S.D.)
4500w replacement Heating element HE4500 2 lbs. $45 (U.S.D.)
"H" Valve Assembly for GeoCube/Loopfield air purging HVKIT 11 lbs. $350 (U.S.D.)
Conductivity Test Tool Kit TTKIT 60 lbs. $350 (U.S.D.)
"C-Kit"  Quick Connector Kit CKIT 4 lbs. $150 (U.S.D.)
Spare Data Adaptor and Cable Kit
to connect Shuttle and Logger to PC
2 lbs. $138 (U.S.D.)
Replacement Waterproof Data Logger DLLOGGERWP 5 lbs. $735 (U.S.D)
Replacement Temperature Sensor & Interface DLTEMPPROBE 1 lbs. $199 (U.S.D.)