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It's Easy to Choose a GeoCube!

We have taken the complexity out of finding just the right model.  GeoCubes are available for various depths, connections and preferred methods of acquiring the test data. 

Working with a GeoCube Distributor?

The GeoCube is available through select distributors in North America and Europe.  Visit one of the GeoCube Distributors.

GeoCube F.A.Q.

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On-Line Configurator

Just click below to generate a custom GeoCube.  The on-line configurator will walk you through the choices and will email a custom quote confirmation with everything that is needed to order just the right GeoCube.  The quote will be for the GeoCube Unit and accessories.  Shipping and taxes for your particular location will be computed at the time of order.

Request Quotation in Euros: Here

For further information, we welcome your inquiry and you may contact us via phone, fax, e-mail or use our web contact form.